34th Annual Blueberry Festival

101 years of Blueberries, celebrated at the 34th Annual Blueberry Festival at Historic Whitesbog Village in Pemberton Township, New Jersey. Elizabeth White domesticated the first blueberry there 101 years ago. A two day festival it draws crowds from all over to enjoy everything blueberry. SideStreet News was there.

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Burlington County Underground Railroad Museum Grand Re-opening

Five years ago Louise Calloway had to close her Underground Railroad Museum that she had run in Burlington City for seven years. County Freeholders found it a new home at Historic Smithville Village in Eastampton. While there is no direct connection between the Underground Railroad and Smithville, it is a part of the county’s over all history.

The museum website again is UGRRMBC.ORG

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All Aboard! Lackawanna County Electric Trolley Museum

Scranton Pennsylvania, The Electric City, home of one of the first electric trolley systems in the nation. What better place for an Electric Trolley museum. It occupies an old mill building adjacent to the Steamtown National historic site.

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Follow up: Mount Holly Pumpkin Festival

SideStreet News stopped by the 13th Annual Mount Holly Pumpkin Festival to see this year’s display. Unfortunately that is when the skies opened up and poured rain down on the area. With lightning flashes, I jumped out of my car and used my camera phone to get a little video so you could see how 1000 handcarved pumpkins on display at Richard and Diana Denisar’s house looked in the dark.

Just a short follow up.

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Dunmore Cemetery Tour

The Dearly Departed Players perform first person accounts of some of those that are buried in the Dunmore Cemetery. This year’s tour was called Accidents Happen, and delves into mining accidents, train wrecks and elevator mishaps and more.

For more information on the tours call 570-343-8536. Next year’s tour will be completely different. A wonderful way to spend an autumn afternoon.